Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Breaking point

Until now I think I've done ok with the working parent thing. I work 2-3 days a week and the kids are either in nursery or with Andy. I manage to keep the two separate and if I need to get any work stuff done in between my days I can do it in the evening.

Things are changing. The business is demanding more of my time and the two worlds are colliding with catastrophic effects. (not actually catastrophic but it sounds dramatic, huh?)

We don't have a receptionist at work. Initially this was down to cost and we were able to manage bookings and phone calls through a phone answering service. Now, however, we're getting busier and clients need answering throughout the day.

Because we're so busy Andy is in appointments all day so it falls to me to deal with the new clients. All well and good if I'm physically there but trying to juggle therapists, clients and answering new queries, all whilst trying to give my children the attention they need is getting the better of me.

Something's gotta give, I need a solution. Until then, I'll be the gibbering wreck in the corner clutching the bottle of gin.

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