Wednesday, 7 March 2012

4 Years: A life in pictures

This time 4 years ago my life changed forever. Finley William Sherlock made a speedy arrival into the world at 1am on Saturday 8th March 2008. When you have a baby, probably the thing you get told the most is 'make the most of it, it goes too fast'. Really, it does. It seems like only yesterday I was standing in my living room, 2-day-old baby in my arms thinking 'what the hell do I do with this thing?' and now here I am, 6 months away from waving him off to school *sob*.

So here we are, the most tiring, anxious, busy, sleep-deprived, fulfilling, wonderful 4 years of my life. And I wouldn't change 1 second. Happy birthday buddy x


  1. Happy 4th birthday, Finley! What an utterly beautiful post, Lydia and of course, a gorgeous little boy - I hope you guys had a wonderful day and that Finley enjoyed his birthday and presents and adventures with his family. I loved the picture of him as a big brother for the first time. That has to be a huge moment in a kid's life. xx

  2. Thanks, Jo. We've not done anything spectacular but have all had the day off work/nursery so it's been lovely to be together. That's my favourite picture of the two of them so far. Its a shame that Finn was too little to remember but it made the transition from one to two easier for us! xx