Monday, 23 July 2012

A (fake) 3rd birthday

Because we were travelling on Max's actual 3rd birthday yesterday (I can't imagine being stuck in a car for 8 hours is much fun on your birthday. Or any other day for that matter) he had a fake birthday whilst we were still in Spain and my Mum was there.

I had a few birthdays on holiday when I was little and remember it being more special than a dreary English birthday so we packed a load of pressies and made a right old fuss of my favourite 3-year-old. Who was actually still 2 but hey, like he knew.

The owner of our B&B is a chef and we had our evening meals there each night. She made a massive chocolate cake especially for Max and the highight of the day (his and mine - for different reasons) was all the other guests gathering round our table as the cake was bought out and singing happy birthday in variations of broken English and then one of the Belgian teenagers bringing him a card she'd made. Very special indeed. I even managed not to cry.

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