Thursday, 5 July 2012

Back in the (running) game

I have a colourful history with running. I ran the Bath Half Marathon last year which was my first foray into distance running. Or any running for that matter, I HATED it before that.

After that I went right off it. I didn't run at all for about 6 months, I think the feeling of 'having' to run and the commitment to training had taken the fun out of running (that's not right, is it? Is running ever 'fun'?)

So anyways, with the bikini looming, I've gotten back into it and started running on the treadmill at the gym over the winter and have progressed to running outdoors again which feels great. Treadmills are all well and good - especially when it's cold, wet and windy which we know all too well at the moment - but I personally prefer running outside. The boredom factor isn't there (as much) and it burns more calories. Plus, because I'm not fixated on a control panel, I find I'm actually faster outside.

So I've entered the Great South Run. A 10-mile stretch across the south coast in October. Hopefully it'll keep me running after the holiday and get me training again with my buddy I did the half with. It's SO much easier when I have someone to gossip train with.

So training is GO. I'm even taking my running gear on holiday with me (though I can't guarantee I'll use it) Have any of you done the GSR? I'd love to hear your experiences.


  1. This could so be a post that I have just written!! I did a half marathon last September and have just done my second (yes, second!) run since then!! shocking! I think I might actually keep it up too...have been asked to enter the same half marathon again this year but I am no way fit enough! good luck with your training!

  2. Thanks :) Haha, glad it's not just me! I think it's just the backlash from months of training, like 'having' to go for a run rather than wanting to kills it.

    Good luck with your running too, perhaps another half someime? I'm going to try and be alot more relaxed with my training this time, hope it works!